Different Types Of Internet Advertising You Have Access To Right Now

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Nowadays, we have access to so many different types of internet advertising services that we can take advantage of in order to reach our target audience. It is a shame to realize that most people only focus on some available opportunities. With a multitude of choices that can be made, here are the most common internet advertising types that you have access to in this very moment.



Banner Ads

The most common form of internet advertising is offered by banner ads. The very first advertising kind that appeared online was banner advertising. You basically have a banner that would highlight something. When the user clicks on the banner, he/she will be taken to a specific web page. That is where a landing page usually exists. Banner space is normally sold on a per impression basis but you can also buy at a click through rate, which means that you only make a payment when someone clicks on that banner.

Pop-Up Ads

These ads are no longer popular but people still use them. The principle is that a pop-up appears when you visit a site. However, people do not like this and pop-up blockers appear, making it really hard to reach success through a pop-up ad.

Floating Ads

The floating ad normally appears the first time you access a site. The ad would “float” on the page for a specific number of seconds. When these ads are present, they do obscure the page. Sometimes mouse input is also blocked. The popularity of floating ads is high because:

  • They are normally animated
  • They will always grab viewer attention
  • They cannot be ignored
  • They can include video or audio content
  • They can occupy a specific part of the site
  • The click through rate is as high as 3%

Interstitial Ads

The interstitial ad appears between a web page and the request of the user. Interstitials normally load in a background and are preferred since they can easily include applets, streaming media and really large graphics. Many sites have interstitial ads that are visible before the visitor access the page that he/she wants.

Unicast Ads

This is basically a TV commercial style ad that would run inside the browser. It is obviously enriched with video and audio content and can last as long as you want to. The power of such an ad is similar to that of the TV commercial. The only real difference is that it offers the possibility for the user to click and reach a specific landing page. This makes the unicast ad highly effective with a click through rate that normally goes as high as 5%.

Contextual Ads

The most common and highly recommended ad type online is the contextual ad. It is offered based on the content that is on a page. Contextual advertising systems scan webpage text and based on the keyword phrases that are discovered, a specific ad is offered. This makes the click through rate become really high as the ads would actually be relevant to the content present on a page. 


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