How to Overlay Any Caption to Your Photo with Movavi Photo Editor

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It is no doubt that most people’s favorite photos are those that have captions. Therefore, if you want your photo to be appealing to others, you should add some compelling text on it. Photos with captions are more likely to be better well received on the social media network. Movavi Photo Editor features a text tool that you can use to add captions to your photo. The following are 6 steps on how to add a caption to a photo with the Movavi Photo Editor’s text tool.

  1. Open the Picture in Movavi Photo Editor

You must first prepare a nice picture that is suitable for overlaying a caption. Preferably, the picture should have a blank space where you can put the text block and enter your text. Once you have prepared the picture, you just need to load it into the work area by one of the three ways including going to My Files, clicking on Add Media Files button or drag it directly into the work area.

  1. Adding a Text Block to Your Photo

When the picture is loaded, you can point your mouse cursor on the Text tab and click on it to open it. You will see a rectangle blue button called Add Text that allows you to add text to photos. You are to click this button to insert a new text box on the photo. When you know what message to write, you can click on the text box to select it and double click inside to type in your message

  1. Changing the Text Color

Whenever you want to edit the text in the text box, you must first select it. When the text box is selected, you will see an x icon on the upper left corner and a rotate icon on the lower right corner. So, if you want to change the color of the entire text in the text box, you must first select the text box and choose a color from the clor picker drop down menu. The font range shown in the font type drop down menu of the text editor is the same font as the fonts that are installed in your computer.

  1. Rotating a Text

You can make the text stand out in the photo by using the text rotation or text alignment feature. The text rotation tool allows you to flip a text 180 degrees so that it appears upside down. To rotate a text by 180 degrees, you must move the text rotation slider to the middle. It also allows you to rotate the text at any angle you want to make it an eye catcher.

  1. Other Features of the Text Tool

It is easy to use the text alignment feature in Movavi Photo Editor to make your text stands out. To align a text, you just need to select the text and click on the align left, right or center button. You can also bold, italicize and underline the text to make it stand out. Another way to make your text stand out on a photo is to increase the font size. Movavi Photo Editor allows you to conveniently delete a text box by clicking on the x button or you can delete all text boxes at once by clicking on the Remove All Text button. The text opacity slider can make your text blend into the photo. The outline of the text can be customized with a custom color.

  1. Undo and Redo Changes on the Text Editing

You can revert back to the previous edits on the text by clicking on the undo button. The redo button which is located on the right side of the undo button can reverse the last undo on the text edits. The Revert to Original button is handy when you want to clear away all edits on the photo including the edits that are not made on the text tab. It will simply revert your photo to the original version.


In conclusion, Movavi Photo Editor is a simple program for creating nice text design for your photo. It allows you to add a personal touch to the photo with the use of the right combination of fonts, text effects and font color.


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