Ingenious Gadgets Every Traveler Should Consider Owning

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Let’s face it, no matter how much we love staying indoors and eating grilled cheese while watching our favorite shows or playing our favorite games during a rainy day, there’s an outdoor adventurer in all of us. This is the main reason why so many people suddenly find that it’s their calling to travel around the world and see the sites they’ve only dreamed of visiting. For the adventurer in you that yearns to go out and see the world, here are just a few ingenious future gadgets that could very well convince you to finally go exploring!

The portable flask light

It’s part flask and part light, this rather ingenious device makes sure that not only do you have about 10 ounces of your favorite drink with you at all times, but that you also have a flash light just in case. Aside from this, it also includes a handy compass as well as some stainless steel cups and even a bottle opener! It’s a nearly complete set of tools in a small package that also makes a wonderful gift for other adventurers out there.

The handy female urination device

When it comes to traveling the world, sometimes we end up in places that aren’t quite as wonderful as the main destination. This often includes having to go into dirty hotel rooms, or having to relieve yourself in even dirtier toilets. While men certainly have an advantage over women in this particular aspect, with the female urination device that advantage is ceremoniously thrown out the window. Now even the less glamorous side of traveling is made all the better!

Hi-tech foot warmers

This is something that might feel like an unnecessary luxury for most of the hardcore travelers out there, but you’d be surprised just how wonderful these hi-tech foot warmers can be. Built to resist moisture and coming with their own control system so that you can choose how warm you want it; these warmers are definitely a mainstay in the travel pack of any adventurer who gives them a try. The remote control does require batteries however so make sure that you’re extra prepared before going on your trip.

As you can clearly see, these travel accessories don’t just include cool gadgets for men. As a matter of fact these rather ingenious devices seem almost like toy gadgets, only far more useful and practical. They make great gifts, both for others and for the adventurer in you as well. With these handy travel gadgets by your side, you can bet that no matter the destination you’re going to have a great time getting there.





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