Oxford Businesses: How to Choose a Web Designer

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Oxford businesses looking to employ a web designer have some tricky decisions to make. Since web design has exploded in popularity there are many more designers in the Oxford area to choose from, and it can be very hard to decide which is the best option for your business. But it is crucial you choose well, since a well-designed website that suits your brand will bring you extra custom, while a poorly-designed site will reflect badly on your business.

Find out a little more about choosing a web designer with this quick guide.


Discover How Much They Know and Care

A good web designer in Oxford will be keen to find out about your business, your needs, and your expectations. They should want to get to know you well so that they can create a site that is ideally suited to your needs. Notice whether they want to talk to you about your needs, or whether they will simply tell you how much they charge. You should also find out what they have done before for clients like you, and how they would approach your project to bring you the best benefits. Look at sites they have created and see if they are all the same, or if they have flexibility in their design – this makes a difference if you want a highly individual site.

Talk about the aspects like digital marketing and SEO that will help to bring revenue through your site. If a web designer is not experienced in these aspects, see who they recommend to help you.

Find Out an Estimated Cost

Talk about fees and what they would estimate that your website design would cost. Oxford web design companies will be able to give you a more accurate estimate when they know what features you want, and what content. The fee will also depend on the experience of the designer, and what they are including in the fee – for example, setting up a shopping site, or logo design. Check that there will be no hidden extra charges that only appear once the site has been designed.

Look for Project Management Skills

As well as quality web design you also need someone who will be able to work with you in an efficient and professional way, making sure that the process is smooth. Look for excellent communication skills, and talk to other clients about how well they worked with them. You need to find a designer that will respond in a timely fashion to any questions or concerns you have. Designing a website can be a complicated process and you need to feel secure that work is progressing as you would expect.

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