Simple Tips To Help You Boost Local SEO

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The medium and small sized companies are the backbone of any country’s economy and a huge part of the localized business pool. Based on US statistics, 90% of businesses now have under 20 employees. The competition between them is high and local SEO becomes vital as more people use internet connected devices every single day. With this in mind, boosting local SEO becomes a necessity. Consider the following tips to show up higher in local search results.

Focus On Real World Location

This basically means that you want to clearly identify your location. Add your name, local area code, address, maps and all personal business information that helps in localizing your brick and mortar location. Meta descriptions have to feature these but you also want to add the information to landing pages, website business listings and so on.

Refresh Your Site Consistently

Google simply loves sites that are often updated. Because of this, you want to always have a site that looks great, that is really easy to navigate and that offers high quality content for the visitors. The content that is added to your website can include local references. This helps boost local SEO so it is something that can be done.

Discounts And Offers

This is something that most people out there do not actually know. Smart internet marketers know the fact that promoting a business is easier when using discounts and special offers. What many do not know is that these offers and discounts are seen by search engines and when connected to local stores, an increase in local rankings is possible. At the same time, since offers and discounts are normally refreshed from time to time, the site will also appear as being often updated, which is important, as mentioned above.

Register In Local Business Listings

While there is no SEO benefit that appears when your business is listed in the regular company directories that cover the entire country, you can register the website in specific location based business directories. The idea in this case is to basically find those directories that are niched as possible. As an example, instead of adding to a regular site directory when the site sells shoes in Sydney, you should add the site to a Sydney only local business directory that has a fashion category.

Getting Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are valuable for local SEO. Based on various studies that were done last year, customers do use reviews in order to evaluate companies and compare them with their competition. Search engines realized this and will normally offer some sort of review ranking system. The people that search for businesses can end up browsing based on review ratings. With this in mind, you want to always encourage your clients to write reviews. That is especially the case when your service is of a high quality and you often get great reviews.

Remember that local SEO is influenced by many factors and many new ranking elements are constantly added. Because of this, you want to stay up-to-date with what happens in the industry. What is mentioned above will help a lot but many other things can be said. 


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