Software Testing Myths You Should Stop Believing

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One of the most important factors that determine software profitability and popularity is user experience. This fully depends on functionality, accessibility, security, usability and performance. This is why software test services are so important these days. It allows businesses to be able to focus on user experience and quality, all throughout the lifecycle of software development.

Unfortunately, software testing is not usually properly understood. There are numerous myths associated with it. Here are some that are so much more common than they should be.

Software Testing Makes Applications Launch Later

The common belief is that software testing is going to delay having programs launched. In reality, the exact opposite is true. Software testing is going to reduce time to market because of the fact that glitches are discovered before they become a problem that is very hard to fix. Testing and coding can be unified through agile methodology, which drastically increases software development speed.

Software Testing Will Increase Development Costs

Software quality needs to be comprehensively evaluated so enterprises have to use strong automation tools and use skilled testers. Due to this, we see entrepreneurs that think software testing is going to significantly increase development costs.

What should be known is that software testing can actually reduce development cost. This is possible through many different ways. For instance, companies can use free or open source automation tools. At the same time, software testing will increase revenue because the software application launched will be of a higher quality.

Manual Testing Is Not Needed When Automation Is Used

Automation testing tools are very valuable because they help execute and repeat many different tests at the same time. Various enterprises now do all that they can to automate testing activities. Unfortunately, automation tools do have shortcomings. The best example possible is that such tools are lacking human capability to make decisions and imagination does not exist.

The best way to handle software testing is to combine automation tools with human testers. This is the ideal way to assess software quality in a precise way.

Applications Become Flawless Through Elaborate Software Testing

Testers are going to perform various different tests in order to evaluate user experience, security, performance, usability, functionality and accessibility. Before software is released, numerous defects are repaired, all while performance is improved.

The problem is that elaborate software testing simply does not guarantee that no other bugs exist. It is practically impossible to identify absolutely all defects and bugs. This is why businesses have to be ready to deal with issues or bugs that are noticed in applications following the official release.

Testing Will Start After Development Ends

This is, perhaps, the most common myth associated with software testing. The common belief is that testing just starts after the software development phase ends. If this is done, costs are drastically increased and it is a lot more difficult to fix problems when they are discovered.

Modern software testing goes hand in hand with software development. Developers create a network that includes both in order to create the best possible applications.


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